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Q.  Where will my dog sleep if not in a cage or crate?

A.  We will try to create a space just like home, bring his bed and toys or other reminders of home.

Q.  What will you feed my dog?

A.  You should supply us with his regular food and snacks (if any) along with any special instructions.

Q. How often will my dog be walked?

A. At least three or four times a day.

Q.  Will my dog be in direct contact with other dogs?

A.  If your dog gets along well with others and it's ok with you, we'll let her socialize with other dogs.

Q.  What if my dog gets injured or sick?

A.  We will notify you immediately and act quickly and professionally to administer proper treatment.  He will go to his regular vet if needed.

Q.  Can I bring her favorite toys?

A.  Of course we love playing with your dog and your dog loves to play with her own toys!

Q.  Should I bring her bed?

A.  By all means, she will feel at home, sleep better and won't smell funny when she comes home.

Q.  What are your busisness hours?

A.  Dog care is a 24 hour responsibilty, we never close, you can call us anytime!

Q.  Can you administer medication?

A.  Yes, if your dog cooperates, we can administer medication.

Q.  Do you offer grooming services?

A.  Not yet, right now we are looking for the best groomers to recommend to you.

Q.  Will you abide by my rules and needs?

A.  Absolutely, we will abide by your rules 100%, just tell us what your needs and wants are.